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About us

Sutton Coldfields most treasured green spaces are under threat, due to Government and Council plans to build 25,000 new homes across the West Midlands by 2020.

Despite early assurances by West Midlands Mayor Andy Street, that Sutton Coldfields’ ‘treasured green spaces’ would not face development.

The City Council has recently set its sights on the Royal Towns urban Green Spaces, with the possibility that more urban greens will be earmarked for development.

It is our mission as an official community driven body, to prevent the destruction and development of all land within The Royal Town, by whatever means necessary.

Friends of The Green will not stand back and allow this to happen, without exhausting every means at our disposal.

The value of Sutton Coldfields Urban Green Spaces is undisputed to all, except those who wish to deny us the right to walk unhindered across the Royal Towns Public Open Spaces.

The Treasured Green Spaces at the heart of our communities are pivotal to our health and wellbeing.

The World Health Organisation clearly states, that preventable diseases, such as mental illness, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and cancer, remain major factors not only affecting health and well‐being, but also driving up the cost of healthcare and thus reducing productivity of the workforce.

Many such illnesses are linked to chronic stress and lifestyle factors, such as insufficient physical activity 

Urban green spaces, as part of a wider environmental context, provide a potential means to help reduce certain health and lifestyle factors, currently associated with lack of exercise and outdoor activity.

The Midlands air ambulance
Appreciate green spaces too!

Green urban spaces lie at the very heart of our communities

Green spaces help to bring neighbours and communities together, increasing diversity & social interaction. 

They also encourage wildlife into the area & provide homes and habitats for a wide variety of small mammals & insects, including bees, hoverflies and other important pollinators.


Safe & accessible providing positive social, economic and environmental benefits for all

A world of activity sits right on our doorsteps. 

This is why we need to protect and preserve our most ‘Treasured Assets’. 

Once lost, they can never be replaced.




Outdoor Activity for you, me and our best friends.

Urban green Spaces are important. The health giving benefits they provide are undisputable.

They provide access to the wider outdoors and encourage exercise for us, and our four legged friends too.

Once the land has gone, it is gone forever.

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Every one of our team members is devoted to protecting the Treasured Green Spaces of Mere Green & Sutton Coldfield.




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