Calling All Photographers!

Dugdale Crescent appears to have its very own visiting bird of prey. Eagle eyed residents recently spotted a Eurasian buzzard, circling high above the rooftops of the Green at Dugdale crescent. It was also seen perched proudly upon the branches of the young trees, situated near the centre of our community Green.

This majestic bird of prey, was almost killed off in the early 1900s, by gamekeepers and hunters who blamed these hunting birds for killing local pheasants and local grouse. At one point there were fewer than 1,000 breeding pairs in the UK. Thankfully the population today stands at a much healthier 68,000 birds.

Our visitor also stands to remind us of the crucial role that our Green plays in supporting local birds and other wildlife.

Snap & Share your wildlife photos with us!

After viewing this stunning bird of prey for ourselves, we thought it would be a great idea to ask all members of the local community to get snapping with their Christmas cameras and assist us in documenting our Community Greens wildlife and visiting birds.

We would love to share your images on an online image gallery for all to see and in particular, we can’t wait to see if anyone can capture some great images of our stunning buzzard.

Send your images via email to 

Don’t forget to add your contact details and please state if you are happy for us to post your image or images to our online gallery.

Your photographs may also help prove the vital link our Green plays in supporting local wildlife.

We can’t wait to see your images.

Good Luck!




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