Support Us by Completing The Residents Questionnaire

In order to put forward a robust response to the City Councils Proposal to construct a new housing development on The Green at Dugdale Crescent, we have been required to compile the below questionnaire, which will enable us to put forward valid reasons of opposition to the plan.

The questionnaire is quite extensive and seeks your response to specific questions regarding the local communities current and past use of The Green as a community public space.

The aim of the form, is to provide a record of use from each resident. It will  help us to provide further evidence of land use & prove what value Green provides to the wider community. It is also important that we provide evidence of use over a sustained period of 20 years or more.

The questionnaire and answers you provide, will serve a number of purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Our formal application for Village Green Status.
  • Provide evidence of opposition to the current B.C.C consultation and any further consultation(s) that may arise.
  • Provide evidence of opposition against a formal planning proposal or application should this arise.
  • To evidence & certify proof of land value as a community asset.
  • To identify the area of catchment through individual response.
  • As residential feedback to gauge level of opposition and impact.

This questionnaire is vital to our cause.

We need every member of the community to take a few minutes to respond to the questionnaire, as the answers you provide could well determine the final outcome of our challenge.

Please try to provide as much relevant detail as possible and try to encourage other friends and family members to complete a form too.

Please try to encourage each member of your household to complete a separate questionnaire as we need as many individual returns as possible, per household.

Thank you for taking time to assist us and the wider community in our opposition to the development proposal.

We really do appreciate your support.



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